Having a guide on your journey

Personalized attention

Deep transformation

Working with Sophie

Your journey has already begun, weather you are sinking, treading water, ceaselessly trying to fight the current, or ready to master the swim of your life, I will dive in with you and together we will swim with the current and master the skills to direct the flow of the stream


With me by your side we personally get in touch with your pains and aspirations.  This allows us to identify the fastest route for healing and transformation.  You are not in it alone, I am here to mentor and guide you to elevate your life.


I see you and I am here.  Embody the felt sense of authentically connecting to your highest sense of self.  The beautiful part is when you do that, you will find you are naturally guiding others to do the same.


Robin Goldstein Lincoln, LPC RPT

Women of Wisdom Class Participant

The class has become a treasure in my life. Sophie’s skillful and balanced approach to teaching as well as guided meditation is the perfect blend of didactic and experiential learning. With each class I feel more    self-aware, more effectively self-reflective and more self-accepting. As promised the outcome has been an increasing window of tolerance that I bring to myself, my family and my work. I am extremely grateful for the experience and the opportunity to continue to learn and grown in ways I had not imagined would be possible. The class and inner practice is a new source of strength and calm I carry with me wherever I go.



Class and Guided Meditation Participant

When I met Sophie's meditation courses, I can honestly say it was a time when my soul felt quite lost and was doing a lot of searching. Perhaps that is why the meditation course found me. Throughout the course I felt held, seen, and heard in a way that I seldom experience. The course allowed me to connect more and more with my Self. By exploring higher states of consciousness my soul began to find it's way back home. 

Different needs, 

Different options.

Embody Transformation

Personalized support

Deepen your integration

Great addition to classes or memberships

Classes range from 4 to 6 weeks in length

Learn new tools to connect with yourself as you embody your values and passions

Expand beyond stress relief and resiliency to self transformation

Connect with others as you learn with live coaching groups

Recorded classes so you can fit them into your schedule

Integrated learning with practice

 Live Guided Meditations

Rejuvenate, ground, and center yourself

Find transformation and connection no matter what level you are

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