Working with Sophie

Robin Goldstein Lincoln, LPC RPT

Women of Wisdom Class Participant

The class has become a treasure in my life. Sophie’s skillful and balanced approach to teaching as well as guided meditation is the perfect blend of didactic and experiential learning. With each class I feel more    self-aware, more effectively self-reflective and more self-accepting. As promised the outcome has been an increasing window of tolerance that I bring to myself, my family and my work. I am extremely grateful for the experience and the opportunity to continue to learn and grown in ways I had not imagined would be possible. The class and inner practice is a new source of strength and calm I carry with me wherever I go.



Class and Guided Meditation Participant

When I met Sophie's meditation courses, I can honestly say it was a time when my soul felt quite lost and was doing a lot of searching. Perhaps that is why the meditation course found me. Throughout the course I felt held, seen, and heard in a way that I seldom experience. The course allowed me to connect more and more with my Self. By exploring higher states of consciousness my soul began to find it's way back home. 

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