My name is Sophie,

​I am a wife, mother, therapist, mentor, coach and consultant.

I was born and raised on a  ranch outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  As a child and teen, I believed counseling was for crazy people, and meditation and energy healing are what spacey weirdos do.


I never would have thought I would be embodying those things in my life now! My life journey began at home with who I thought I should be, and has lead me to a new more authentic sense of home and self with who I really am. 


I am no longer defined by my past experiences and generational trauma but by who I am Divinely created to be.

  • I am a clinically trained mentor, coach, and consultant.


  • My horses and spirituality were my resiliency factors growing up. 


  • I am really good at falling and getting back up.

My story:


My life story began with a childhood enriched by ranch life, riding horses and exploring the outdoors.  It also began with fighting parents, domestic violence, emotional abuse, physical abuse, and sexual abuse.  The only time I could be myself was when I was alone with my horse.  Horses and nature were my first felt experiences of spiritual connection, resiliency, and the untainted Divine in my life. 


I have always been spiritual.  As a young child I saw ghosts and "scary things" and often felt a strange "knowing" about others and situations that went beyond the physical realm....I have always felt that I had a 6th sense.  I was raised Christian but it wasn't until I went through my own EMDR therapy that I had a defining moment with my Maker.  Toward the end of processing a sexual abuse memory, I saw God smile down on me, it was as if He whispered the felt sense into my heart that I was perfectly made.


Fast forward a few years past beginning to explore Judaism, meeting my soul mate, having two amazing boys, graduating with my Master's in Counseling, and converting to Judaism.  Whew!!! 


Those that know me well know I am a passionate life long learner and nerd.  I have studied Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism) since I began to explore Judaism in my 20's.  Right out of grad school I found Synergetic Play Therapy with Lisa Dion.  Within the first day of my Intensive Play Therapy, I not only learned the science and neurobiology to my 6th sense but I began to trust it instead of fear it.  From there I delved deeper into the science of the brain, attachment, nervous system, and relationships.  Getting certified in EMDR only gave me more tools to connect with clients deeper with faster healing.  The further I went as a therapist, the more my soul began to awaken.


A small whisper in my heart continued to question the "science" explanation of my 6th sense.  I dabbled with Spiritual Dowsing just for fun and it awakened a deep thirst and longing for more spirituality.  I found the Elevation Project with Doniel Katz where I finally allowed myself to embrace my highest calling; exploring Human Consciousness through Kabbalistic Meditation.  It so profoundly affected my life that I found myself telling my husband in the first week of March 2020, "I just want half of my caseload of clients, I want to work from home part time, and I want to study more."  Literally, a week later...COVID 19. 


Diving deeper into spirituality with meditation has become my life line and has been hugely self transformative for me.  I knew there was something more going on than just the science behind my therapy work, sometimes I felt I was doing soul work with clients.  With Kabbalistic Meditation I now have the missing piece of the puzzle.  Therapy is just the basic foundation to open us up to higher potential. 


My mission is to support those that are thirsting for more, either because they have found healing and are ready for the next level, or because they are in such intense experiences in life that they need the highest life line. 


Here is to those that are ready to to live on a higher level!  


If you're ready for transformation,

I can't wait to help!

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