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and impact lives

When people come to me, they're usually...

  • Thirsting to overcome overwhelm and/or burnout

    I am drowning and I can't come up for air.  I vacillate between numbness and feeling so much I think I am losing my mind!  There are lives at stake and I don't know what to do! I am so stressed I don't recognize myself. 

  • ​Desiring the next level of self mastery

    I want to help my clients/children on a deeper level to support them to go beyond healing as they discover their true self, and transform to thrive.  

  • Yearning for Deeper-Higher Connection and Meaning

    Something in me is whispering "there's more".  I want to feel goosebumps and experience the extraordinary for myself and my client/children.  I want to live with higher consciousness.

That's where I come in, I help you transform your emotions, perceptions, impulses, and desires into connections with a  higher meaning.

What if you could connect to your highest potential?

  • Create a vision and begin moving toward it.

    No matter what is happening around you, you will have a clear sense of what you need to do for yourself and how to connect with and help others move towards new ways of being.  

  • Discover deeper parts of yourself and be authentically you.

    Deepen and awaken your sense of purpose and passion.  Connect with higher aspects of yourself.  Embody a sense of direction that guides you on your own journey so you can support others on their journey.

  • Have confidence that you are making a difference

    Practice simple techniques to foster growth regardless of the outside circumstances in your life and the lives of others.  Intuitively support your clients and children to experience change in the midst of challenges.


I guide people to integrate nervous system regulation with the ancient wisdom of human consciousness.

As a Guide and Mentor, I will teach you simple steps to: 

  • Identify and move through uncomfortable body sensations and emotions.

    You are not your emotions or your body sensations.  Harness your body's regulation system so you don't get hijacked or held hostage by your emotions and body's responses.  

  • Experience the sense of connecting to your higher consciousness.

    Use meditation and mindfulness techniques to elevate your consciousness to find meaning and widen your window of tolerance in the hardest and worst situations.

  • Link your own transformation to helping others.

    Understand your own growth on a deeper level and how it is intertwined with the growth of those you help and support.

  • Bring transformation to others by teaching them to do what you have learned, just by being yourself.

    After putting on your own oxygen mask, you will learn how to transfer your new skills to others in simple and organic ways.

Meet Your Mentor & Guide

Hi, I'm Sophie.

I am a horse loving mountain woman at heart. I am constantly immersing myself in studying the science of the nervous system, relationships, and spirituality. I believe the wisdom traditions are windows into the spiritual science that complete the picture of the whole person.


The more I learn, the more I am drawn to the Greek roots of the term "psychology" (the study of psyche, or soul). With all of that, I aspire to remain grounded so I don't sound like some crazy spiritual tree hugging hippie... guess it's the ranch girl in me:)

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